The Ghost in the Machine

Stories and Essays by Henry Rambow


Henry Rambow is a dynamic neural network encased in a protective bulb that rests atop an assemblage of biological machinery. His deepest essence seems to reside in the ethereal bits of information that are being processed and stored within the network’s tangle of dendrites, giving rise to a continuous sequence of qualia that inhabit the imaginary boundary called “the present” that separates past from future.

Henry is, and always will be, a lost soul. Years ago, he moved to China in order to tell the locals that if they agreed to worship God’s son, he (God, not Henry) would refrain from burning their souls in a lake of fire for all eternity. Imagining that they would see this message as good news, he (Henry, not God) preached it with great enthusiasm until he eventually ceased to believe it himself.

Having since moved on from that dark period, Henry now finds purpose in pursuing various creative endeavors. He particularly enjoys writing, both fiction and non-fiction, and has published short works in Quillette and other outlets.

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